Friday, January 29, 2010

One World One Heart Give Away

Welcome to all of my regular visitors and you new visitors as well! I am participating in the One World One Heart world-wide "Give Away" that is sponsored by Lisa A Whimsical Bohemian. This event is open to all people who have an active blog. The event, created in 2007 was with the original idea to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet and to discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or two.

This pincushion is what I am offering as my free gift here, and is made from vintage feed sack material.

To take part in the drawing you must have an active blog to enter to win this prize. If you wish to enter in this drawing, all you need to do is leave me a comment with a link back to your blog or an email address in order for me to get in touch with you if you win! Then I will ship your pincushion to you, where ever you live!

This event runs through Feb 14 (midnight Pacific time), and winners will be announced on February 15. Good luck to you, enjoy your journey on the magic carpet and may you find new and wonderous blogs to inspire and bring you joy! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!


PS: I will also be giving away a goodie on my other blog: Christen's Creations pop on over for a visit!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Winter Session Classes

I will be teaching three classes this coming Winter Session for

Jardin de Grandmere is the first class and will begin February 23, 2010. The price is $22.00 for two lessons.

Elegant and pretty is the best description for this bracelet. The flower medallion is created with a circular peyote stitch. These circular peyote medallions reminded me of the “Grandmother’s Garden” quilt block. When looking at fabric yo-yos stitched in floral seed sacks or vintage cottons, I imagined a garden of beaded flowers. The dimension is created by using three different sizes of seed beads. The stitch can be used to create a single or double row of flowers, with a beautiful button closure to finish off your bracelet.

Lesson 1: In the first class you will learn the basic circular peyote stitch that each flower medallion is made with. I will give you several examples of color combinations, and then will leave you to play.

Lesson 2: In this class I will show you how to add a second row of flower medallions to your bracelet (if you so desire), and how to attach your button and loop closure in order to finish your bracelet.

Ocean Rivers is the second class and it will begin March 12. The price is $45.00 for four lessons.

This class will teach you a little bit about the freedom of expression the “free form peyote stitch” can bring to your technical repertoire. The launching point of your bracelet and your creative explosion will start with a simple grosgrain ribbon, a small collection of buttons, a variety of seed beads in several sizes and colors combined with a few small treasures. Bring your imagination and creative spirit….

Lesson 1: You will cut and prep the ribbon base; we will talk about setting up your beads; learn about focal placement and the stitching the buttons in place; then create your first tidal currents.

Lesson 2: We will explore the basic peyote stitch; changing from between bead sizes within the current; making connections and creating more tidal currents; and adding in new thread.

Lesson 3: We will cover creating waves along the outer reaches of the bracelet; stitching in the tidal pool treasures such as larger beads, sequins and chips with single bead stoppers, cascades and picots.

Lesson 4: Finishing touches: stitching the button and closure loop; stitching the beaded shell edging; and barnacle extras.

Corsages to Dye For: Series 1 is the last class and will begin March 30. The price is $35.00 for three lessons.

Have you ever wished that you could dye your own ribbon, in the colors that you like the best? Using simple techniques, I will teach you how to create truly intriguing and colorful patterns with your dyes and ribbon. These ribbons will then be turned into magnificent works of art that you create by stitching petals and leaves for your own “corsages to dye for”!

Lesson 1: In the first class you will learn how to mix the dyes using a basic color wheel; learn a series of techniques to prepare the ribbon for dyeing; then actually dyeing the ribbons that you will use in the next lessons.

Lesson 2: The second class will focus on making the flowers: the rose and bud; the bachelor button; and the passion-flower. I will show you options on how to use each flower, from a single flower to a group of flowers; how many you make of each flower is up to you.

Lesson 3: The third lesson will focus on making the leaves from the ribbons that you dyed, then stitching all of the components together for each corsage. Additional commercially made ribbons can also be used, and can add another dimension to your corsages such as the velvet ribbon I used in the Bachelor Button Corsage.

The classes handouts are emailed to you the day of the class, with a week to review and complete that week’s lesson. The following lesson/s will arrive a week later with another handout and further instructions. There is an on-line forum for the student and teacher connect or contact in case there are any questions.

Enjoy and keep it creative! Christen