Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter/Spring Classes 2011

Here are the Classes that I will be teaching this Winter/Spring session at

This 4 lesson class is scheduled to begin on January 18, 2011.

This is a great introductory class to traditional embroidery stitches with the added flare and dazzle that only seed beads can add. These stitches can be incorporated in any fiber design that you choose, whether it be an already stitched crazy quilted block, a strip pieced pillow top, or an appliqu├ęd art quilt block. A variety of stitches are used in each separate embroidered design, a Base Stitch, a Design Stitch, and an Embellished Stitch. Additional embellishments will also be covered such as adding in buttons, sequins, large beads and charms.

Flora Dora and Daisy Chain RAW Bracelets: Two for One

This 3 lesson class is scheduled to begin on January 28, 2011.

Do you have a wonderful stash of buttons and beads that are just waiting for the right project to come along? Well consider these beaded and buttoned up bracelets, which are made using two different Right Angle Weave techniques. The first bracelet simple and elegant the other feminine and charming; both take only a short amount of time to make.

Scrumptious Scraps

This 5 lesson class is scheduled to begin on February 25, 2011.

Scrumptious bit and pieces of vintage laces are melded and stitched together to form a unique and beautiful base for your creative stitched designs. Once the lace scraps are turned into a base, I will show you how to dye the base and a variety of ribbons (some silk) that can be later used in the embroidery and ribbon worked vignettes.

A Rose Garden

This 2 lesson class is scheduled to begin on March 15, 2011.

Your purse or pillow will start with a base of cotton velveteen or silk dupioni fabric. This is embroidered with silk ribbon and silk buttonhole embroidery stitches. A few beads here and there can add a magical glimmer to the design.

Color Me Happy

This 2 lesson class is scheduled to begin on April 1, 2011.

This is a technique class that debunks myths, decodes terms and will open your world to the possibilities of COLOR, creating your own colors and dye baths to be exact. The goal of the class will be to record the samples in a journal in addition to the dyed silk swatches that you create in each lesson. We will discuss working with color in different mediums. The class will only use Colorhue dyes; no other dye will be covered.

Creative Thread Embroidery

This 3 lesson class is scheduled to begin on April 19, 2011.

Explore the possibilities and broaden your creative stitched repertoire to add to your CQ and other embroidery projects. We will work the embroidery stitches using a variety of threads such as pearl cotton; buttonhole twist; rayon and cotton floss on a fabric base that you can use later as needle case.

Some stitches will blend thread to create new colors and textures. The dimensional embroidery stitches that will be covered are bullion knot, cast on buttonhole, drizzle, woven, whipped and tatted. Traditional stitches such as the buttonhole, chain stitch, feather stitch, feather stitch leaf, French knot, lazy daisy, pistol stitch and straight stitch will be also covered.

Magic Web

This 2 lesson class is scheduled to begin on May 17, 2011.

This is a great technique project; I call it Metallic Threads 101, but it doesn’t stop there. In class you will make a “magic web” from bits of precious scraps, decorative yarns and metallic threads, sandwiched together with Solvy and machine stitching, lots of machine stitching. The unique fabric that you create will be used as a base for a heart shaped brooch that will be embellished with buttons and beads.

I hope that you find something to spark your creative spirit.
In the meantime, Happy Stitching! Christen