Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Machine Embroidery w/ Hand and Bead Embroidery

Machine embroidery for me is always free-form, really I let the muse take me where she wants to go.... I usually start a project with a cotton or silk base, machine quilt or embroider the canvas and add by hand the embellishments which can be thread or bead embroidery, and sometimes both. Here are the classes that I teach, and the patterns that I have to offer.
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Crazy Man
In this class the technique for crazy piecing is quite different than traditional piecing. Strips of precious and luscious fabrics are laid amongst sections of prairie points, and each section is stitched with it's own binding, so the piecing will never make you "crazy". Buttons, charms and beads can be added for pizazz, and can give you a great theme.

The base fabric is machine quilted with a double needle in some sections and free form stipple quilted in others. Machine embroidered sections of covered yarn resemble branches or vines, and provide an anchor for the additional embellishment of hand applied rayon cords.
Hand embroidered shisha mirrors are sewn amongst needle lace embroidery. Beads and buttons are used along with metal charm embellishments to compliment the sea theme.

Magic Web: Pin
This is a great technique project. I call it "Metallic Threads 101". It introduces the sewer to metallic threads which are used both in the eye of the needle and the bobbin. The lace fabric is made from scraps of fabric and trims, layered in "Solvy" which is a water soluble product. The lace is cut into a shape when dry, embellished with embroidery and beads and made into a pin.

Mardi Gras
The background fabric is machine quilted in metallic threads. Both hand and machine cords are applied to add interest; "Magic Web" appliques are made from precious scraps and machine stitched in place.
Further embellishment comes from the embroidered shisha mirrors, glass beads, metal charms and your wonderful stash of vintage buttons.

Medallion Treasures
Pieced strips of precious and luscious fabrics are laid amongst precious handwork sections. The center piece can be a lovely embroidered section, or other hand work these are pieces with strips of fabric with additional sections of prairie points and "moc" prairie points. Machine quilting ties all of these pieces together. Stitches of traditional hand embroidery are embellished with beads and charms. Shisha mirrors and buttons are added to for embellishment to make this truly a treasure!

Happy Stitching, enjoy all that you do!

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