Friday, July 17, 2009

Crazy Piecing with Traditional Embroidery and Beading

I have been embellishing shirts, jeans and jackets with Traditional Embroidery from the age of six. Once I learned to sew, I had my mom's fabric stash to work with which was full of tiny bits of exotic fabrics, cottons and velveteens. Crazy Piecing these bits of this and that really appeals to my sense of use what you have on hand. Incorporating beads just seemed to be a natural addition to this form.

I have created a few classes and patterns using this technique.
(If you click the link it will take you to the page, where you will find information on the class or pattern for the instructions.)

Avonlea Revisited
I have a unique technique for preparing the crazy pieced sections. The basic technique of stitch and flip fabric-piecing method, will be covered along with a few tricks on getting yourself out of those difficult situations. A pieced fabric fan and fabric yo-yos will be demonstrated to further enhance your work. Traditional crazy-pieced embroidery using contemporary threads, with bead and button.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead Embellishment: BEBE
This is a great introduction class to crazy pieced traditional embroidery stitches. The fabric base is prepared at home, so class time is devoted to learning the stitches.
The base can be crazy pieced, or ironed onto a piece of muslin on a pre- printed crazy pieced square which is available through the store.
The stitches that are learned in class are traditional embroidery stitches that can be used in many projects. Beads can be added for extra embellishment.
Crazy Piecing 101
This class will guide you into a part of history where every precious snip of fabric, lace, and trim were important. The end result is a ravishing display of the crazy pieced square that can be turned into a pillow, wall hanging or if you are more a quilt. This class will prepare you for the classes with more advanced techniques that also include embroidery and beading.

Tied in Knots
Tied in knots -- that's the definition of tatting! Tatting is a lace comprised of a series of knots. Loops (referred to as picots) and chains are added for design interest.The project is a shuttle holder that is crazy pieced and embroidered with silk ribbon and threads.The tatted motifs are added into the embroidered design.

Travel Sewing Kit
This is a handy carrying case for needles, scissors, rulers and more. The face of the kit is crazy pieced with machine stitching and hand embroidery. The inside of the case has many compartments for all of the necessities. It is a perfect size to take on a trip or to classes.

Victorian Drawstring Purse
This opulent reticule, pieced from lustrous scraps of iridescent silk and cotton, is embroidered front and back with shimmering metallic threads, seed beads, buttons, and charms.
The techniques covered in project are crazy piecing by machine, hand embroidery with bead embellishment.

Happy stitching to you whether you are a crazy stitcher or a sane one!

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