Friday, July 17, 2009

Silk Ribbon Embroidery combined with Ribbonworked Flowers

Silk Ribbon Embroidery is one of my favorite forms of handwork, and adding in a bouquet of ribbon- worked flowers just seems so natural!

I have created a few classes and patterns using this technique. These projects are focused primarily on silk ribbon embroidery with additional flowers made from ribbon worked flowers.
(If you click the link it will take you to the page, where you will find information on the class or pattern for the instructions.)

A Walk Through My Flower Garden
The fabric base machine quilted with metallic threads. Machine stitched ribbons form a trellis; silk bias ribbon forms the "walk" or path for the floral motifs.
The "enchanted gardens" of silk and rayon ribbons and fabric flowers and leaves are stitched first, then attached to the fabric base. The vignettes are embroidered with smaller flowers and leaves stitched with silk ribbon embroidery, Brazilian embroidery and traditional free form embroidery techniques.

Afternoon Tea Brooch
Create a feminine brooch from a variety of ribbons, which include: velvet, vintage grosgrain's, French Jacquards, moire, dyed silk bias. Some beads were used for further embellishment.

The base fabric is first stitched with playful grids of randomly placed satin ribbons. These sections can then be embellished with hand dyed lace appliques resembling vignettes of baskets.
These baskets are filled with silk and satin ribbon worked flowers and leaves; further embellished with silk ribbon and traditional embroidery stitches and beading.

Elegant Additions Wall Hanging
The sample is comprised of 9 squares full of extraordinary examples of silk ribbon embroidery. Click on the image for a full page image of a larger image, then click on each square for a larger image still.
Embroidery knowledge is a must for this class. Seven stitches are a prerequisite for the twenty or more stitches that will be needed to complete the wall hanging: lazy daisy, French knot, stem stitch, straight stitch, pistil stitch, feather stitch, buttonhole stitch.
All the components and the designs can be adapted to a current crazy pieced or quilted project that you are working on.

Floral Brooches
Embellish a special piece of tapestry or silk with a few artfully placed flowers and embroidery stitches. The pattern includes directions for three different brooch shapes: a heart, paisley or tableau.
Beads and charms will add just the right touch to make this a contemporary piece of jewelry. You may be tempted to make one of each!

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Etui
Etui is French for "small ornamental case", and the one you will make with this pattern will hold your favorite needles, pins, and scissors in a size convenient enough to travel with. You'll be able to showcase these needle working skills on its cover: applique, ribbon-work, silk ribbon embroidery, traditional embroidery, beading on fabric.

Scrumptious Scraps
Bits and pieces of precious laces are melded and stitched together to form a single fabric. After the lace fabric is formed, it is then dyed, along with ribbons to embellish the piece with. The second part of the class will focus on silk ribbon embroidery and flower making, using the ribbons that you dyed in the first part of class and the base of lace fabric.

Vintage Redressed
This is a perfect venue for all of those vintage trims and buttons you have been saving to recycle onto wonderful.
The body of the vest is pieced in sections of woven ribbon and fabric. The body of the vest is embellished with silk ribbon embroidery, buttons and beads.

Happy stitching, enjoy what you do and the time that you have to create!

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